Trial Order/Your catalogue

  • 2018.11.28 Wednesday
  • 20:59
This is Ms Waan Som  from Shaftal Siam International Trading inc
We are interested to place a trial order, Could you please send us your latest catalogue and price list
Waiting for your timely reply
Best Regards
Ms Waan Som
Siam International Public Company Limited
Address: 51 Moo 2, Poochao Rd., Bangyaprak,
Phrapradaeng, Samutprakarn 10130, Thailand
Tel : +66(0) 2384-2876, 2384-3730, 2384-4040
Fax : +66(0) 2384-2330, 2364-2173

PO Order/RFQ

  • 2018.08.21 Tuesday
  • 01:05
 Dear Sir,

Please find the attached Purchase order and arrange the material as per our PO.

Niels Christian Carstensen
GST Reg.No.: 29AABCP3052F1ZM

Purchase Order

  • 2018.07.30 Monday
  • 19:50
Good day,

We are interested in your Goods which you displayed in the site and we want to 
purchase some of the products on this site for our ref. please send us more 
information about your company for our ref. please send to our company 
official email.

Waiting for your timely reply

Best Regards

Miss Waan Som
General Manager, Sales Marketing
Siam International Public Company Limited
Address:51 Moo 2, Poochao Rd., Bangyaprak,
Phrapradaeng, Samutprakarn 10130, Thailand
Tel : +66(0) 2384-2876, 2384-3730, 2384-4040
Fax : +66(0) 2384-2330, 2364-2173
email: address:

Arch Coal Inc.

  • 2017.12.14 Thursday
  • 14:20

Hello How are you doing,
It have been a long time since we last have contact,I was away for a business trip
However, kindly send your latest cataloger so that we can choose from there and place our new order as soon as possible.
This order is required in our Thailand branch.

Khun Simon
Arch Coal Inc.
Contact us via our email address: 
One City Place Driv Suit
300 St. Louis

Purchase Order

  • 2017.07.10 Monday
  • 10:22
Dear  Sir,
Please  find  attached  our  purchase order, we look  forward to your  invoice  for  payment.
Lynn Zhang


  • 2017.06.11 Sunday
  • 13:55


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Hello a479d4c2b6bdcf, Let me do business with you.

  • 2017.04.30 Sunday
  • 06:18
Hello a479d4c2b6bdcf,
At Fidelity Investment International;
The World's Largest Fund Management Company with over USD 1.2 Trillion Capital Investment Fund. Nevertheless, as The Fidelity Fund Manager,
I handle all our Investor's Direct Capital Funds and secretly extracted 1.2% Excess Maximum Return Capital Profit (EMRCP) per annum on each of the Investor's Marginal Capital Fund. As an expert, I have made substantial profit from the Investor's EMRCP and hereby looking for a trust company or an agent who will stand as an investor to receive the fund as annual investment proceeds from Fidelity Marginal Capital Fund.
It is good to know that I have worked out the modalities and technicalities whereby the fund can be requested for in any of our 6 clearing houses without any hitches. All confirm-able documents to ascertain our request (should the clearing house ask for them) will be made available to you.
Please, let us discuss about the sharing ratio if you are interested.
Waiting for you,
Yusin Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC
Best ISAs, SIPPs and Funds - Fidelity Worldwide Investment

-Gold Sales

  • 2017.03.31 Friday
  • 12:03

Hello Dear,

It is our utmost delight to approach you with this composition. We are a Gold Mining Company based in Ghana West Africa, and we are interested in contacting you for business transactions/partnership.

Our company started it's operation for the past 6 years and had being doing very well without any debt.

We have in stock, 24 Carats Gold, with 96.69% purity.

We will be very happy if you can be our business partner in your country whereby we shall send you some kilograms of our Gold product to sell under a PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT.

We shall run transaction under Partnership agreement, and you will receive your percentage in all sales made by you in your Country.

We can deliver our Gold product to you at the cost of ,000.00 (Twenty five thousand Dollars) per kilograms, and you can sell in your Country based on current Gold World Market price, which is within ,000.00 (Thirty nine thousand Dollars) to ,000.00 (Forty thousand Dollars) per Kilogram.

We are ready to start transaction with you, and we can deliver to you about 200 kilograms.

Looking forward to hear from you directly at

Mr. Francis Kwame
(Sales Manager)

my subject

  • 2017.03.10 Friday
  • 23:27
Dear Sir/Madam,
Funds Investment And Management Proposal
I represent a high net-worth investor who is seeking investment opportunities away from his native country and he would like to invest in your company. Can you help achieve this? kindly reply back to me for more details.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. william vladimir


  • 2017.02.05 Sunday
  • 04:05

Hello Dear,

I am John Ackah, a Legal Practitioner and Senior Associate at John-Ackah Law Trust Company. I am here to solicit for your professionalism should this offer interests you. I had a Politician Client from my Country, Republic of Ghana who mandated me to source for someone with more experience in Trading, Real-estate Investments and Financial Management, that can have his funds invested judiciously with moderate annual returns, but it was so unfortunate that he died last year August after brief illness.

The expected amount for investment is total sum of ,000,000.00 (Twelve Million American Dollars) already deposited as (Investment-Funds) with UBA Bank here in Accra Ghana before he passed away.  If you are ready, willing and able to handle investment projects of this volume, then we can work together in this project, hence no one else know about this funds. Let me wait to hear from you. God bless you.

Yours sincerely,
Barr. (Dr) John Ackah, Esq


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